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UW Provision

UW Provision specializes in the manufacture and distribution of fresh and frozen beef, veal, poultry, pork, lamb, and seafood products.

At approximately 100,000 square feet, UW Provision’s plant is one of the largest in the industry. Massive freezers and warehouses allow UW Provision to make opportunity buys as well as stock a large inventory. This ensures the availability of UW Provision’s products on a timely basis to benefit their variety of customers.

UW Provision owns a retail store called The Meat Market, which is located adjacent to the warehouse. Touted as “Dane County’s Best Kept Secret,” The Meat Market is open to the general public (no membership required) to provide the same restaurant-quality products to consumers in the area.

Website: https://www.uwprovision.com/


Increase the number of in-store purchases to their two retail stores.


We began by posting specials, tips and techniques to social channels and measured top-of-funnel, image and awareness by measuring reach and impressions. We invited these users to join an email list where we would offer digital coupons for special in-store purchases and measured mid-funnel by how many were added to the email list and bottom-funnel by how many presented the in-store coupons.


  • 27k impressions in a 10 mi radius
  • 16k reached
  • 400 new people added to email list
  • 100 new customers
  • Ran ad for 3 weeks and spent $250