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Nordic Skater

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An online retailer of outdoor sports equipment with a physical store located in Newbury, NH. The company sells cross country skis, roller skis, accessories and water sports gear from premium, brand name manufacturers.

Website: https://nordicskater.com/


Increase both online and in-store sales.


After a detailed analysis of the business we built several customer personas and a corresponding funnel for each to build brand awareness at the top of the funnel, user engagement in the middle and ultimately new customers at the bottom. We then identified different tactics to drive both online and in-store sales.

For online purchases:

  • We identified and cleaned up several issues with the Website user interface which increased conversion rates;
  • Helped clean up the product database and integrated it with Google Merchant and launched a Google Shopping campaign;
  • Refined the existing Google AdWords campaign to better target potential customers.

The result has been a steady and sustained growth in sales, lowering of the cost to acquire a new customer by as much as 2/3rds and a more scalable system to allow for continued growth.

For in-store sales:

  • We recommended running an in-store sale each month which we would promote through Facebook and Instagram by targeting potential customers who either lived in the area or were traveling there for vacation.
  • We also recommended a customer rewards program to encourage local, repeat business.


In-store sales are at their highest levels in years and they have opened up a second satellite location to keep up with demand.