• Liberty Jet Custom Application Design

Liberty Jet Management Custom Application Design

Custom Web Application

Liberty Jet Management

Private jet operator with Worldwide operations offering private jet charter, jet card and management services

Liberty Jet Website: https://www.libertyjet.com


  • We identified a key “change event” when some purchases or sells a private jet as a time when their needs change and they are most likely to choose a management company or have a need for charter services.
  • We created website content to attract these prospective customers. The website scraped every private jet available for sale around the Web and created pages where the user could compare all of the listings. We added additional tools for them to compare operating costs, sale prices and amenities to make shopping for a private jet easier than it had been before.
  • We included a custom CRM which could track jet ownership from publicly available databases to identify hot prospects for sales people to follow up.
  • We launched a hyper-targeted digital campaign to drive customers to the site.


  • Custom web development and programming
  • Custom CRM development and workflow applications
  • Hyper-targted digital marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Data analytics, database development