Acuity Process Solutions

Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, CRM Integration, Marketing Automation


Provides specialized equipment along with design and support services for a complete range of fluid handling systems that are used in mission critical high-purity processes throughout the world for the Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics & Personal Care and Craft Brewing industries.



Create a more scalable marketing and sales infrastructure to help the company grow beyond personal networks of founders and sales team members.


After a multi-day analysis of the business, customers and respective goals and objectives we:

  • Created brand persona’s, brand voice and messaging which will resonate with stake-holders;
  • Developed a new Website to reinforce the brand with existing and potential customers;
  • Executed a Google AdWords campaign to target potential customers searching for associated products and services;
  • Created social profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, posted to them daily and developed a hyper-targeted campaign to attract potential customers;
  • Developed a blog and monthly email newsletter to position the company as a thought leader;
  • Helped to coordinate a Webinar which created video content for posting on social channels;
  • Installed a new CRM to track leads all the way through the sales funnel
  • Created a custom dashboard to show the progression of customers down the marketing and sales funnels.


Thousands of potential customers are now exposed to the Acuity brand every day with a consistent and effective message. New Leads are now generated through targeted digital marketing campaigns, captured and consistently followed up with marketing automation technology. Acuity is now setup for rapid and sustained growth.