The ultimate LinkedIn B2B lead generation guide

Why LinkedIn?

To say that the digital landscape changed dramatically in 2020 would be the understatement of the year. In fact, if we were to be extremely honest, it would be safe to say that digital is the way to go if you wish to scale and grow your business during these unprecedented times. 

LinkedIn is not only a great way to boost your network and reputation as a thought leader but is also a good tool for lead generation especially for those in the B2B space. Not only are conversion rates higher and cost of lead essentially lower but there are also opportunities for both free and paid strategies. 

Why It Works

LinkedIn Has The Users You Want and They’re Engaged

LinkedIn boasts of over 500 million total users with over half of them (260 million) actively using the platform every month.  Out of its active 260 million users, 44% of them engage with the platform daily. 

The platform’s own study shows that 80% of leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn. This is not surprising since half of its most active users are made up of key decision makers from various industries 

LinkedIn Gives You More for Less

LinkedIn gives its users the opportunity to generate leads through free and paid strategies. However taking advantage of paid strategies still gives you a bigger return and while LinkedIn Sponsored Content have higher cost-per-click than Google Ads, they do have double the conversion rate.

LinkedIn’s target audiences are tailor-made for B2B Lead Generation


LinkedIn gives you the option to be as specific as you want by giving you many targeting options. What makes it different from other platforms is that LinkedIn is used primarily for workplace networking therefore increasing your chances of targeting the right audience. 

Not only that, LinkedIn is just the natural choice for 94% of B2B Marketers giving you a greater advantage to correct with the right people in a more efficient way. 

How to Make It Work For You


Check In Daily

Sometimes taking five minutes to log in daily makes the biggest difference. Five minutes of your day could mean accepting a new connection request or coming across content that will be useful for your day. 

Engage, Engage, and Engage Some More 

There are many ways to make your presence known on LinkedIn. One of which is joining significant groups where you can meet like minded individuals who are in the same industry. 

Treat it the way you would any professional relationship you are trying to develop, in the world of social media, getting to know people on the platform can be done by liking their posts, sharing your (kind & polite) opinions on their posts, and even asking questions. These daily interactions often lead to a solid professional relationship that goes deeper in time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Thoughts

In the same light, do not be afraid to share your thoughts and updates on your own professional life. The great thing about LinkedIn is the fact that you can take control of your ‘professional narrative’ and through LinkedIn’s many tools that support content creation, you have the opportunity to be seen as a thought leader in your specific industry. Don’t forget to add your current clients as well since this is a good way for them to get to know you even when you’re not physically together or able to meet physically. 

These are just some of the ways, for even more specific strategies, you can get in touch with your army8 team and we would be more than happy to help.

Take Advantage of Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator empowers sales representatives by providing them with ways to prospect key leads and accounts by giving them the ability to monitor activities and look for similar contacts to reach out to. Part of its membership option, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a revolutionary way to reach out to new prospects and land 

The Sales Navigator can help you gain targeted leads by allowing reps to focus on certain territories for their specific business. As an example, your targeting can be as specific as CEOs in the Financial Industry in the East Coast of the United States with a company size greater than 100 people. You can also filter through job title, function, or even school. Once you find the right prospects, you can also send them messages through InMail.

Optimize Your Profile 

Lastly, your LinkedIn profile is not just a representation of your personal career but also a representation of your organization. 

Optimize your profile through the following ways:

  • Logo 
    • Make sure people in your LinkedIn network immediately know where you work. Using your company logo also gives you stronger credibility when it comes to reaching out to other people.  When using your personal LinkedIn Profile (and not the company’s LinkedIn), you can be creative and incorporate a visual of what you do and your logo.
  • Headline
    • Whether it is a company profile or your personal LinkedIn profile, the headline is where you put information about your company (a short slogan about what you do), the location, and service related keywords. 
  • Specialties 
    • If you are a manager handling the company LinkedIn profile, increase your searchability by using specific keywords that are specific to your industry. The more relevant keywords you put, the higher the chances of you being found not just on LinkedIn but Google as well.
  • People
    • Managers who are in charge of the company LinkedIn profile should encourage their team members to add their positions onto their personal profiles in order to not just provide credibility but also show the strength and size of your company.

Do you want to see how best to use LinkedIn to your advantage? Contact us today and we can help get you started.