Founder Spotlight: Josh McKelvey and His Think Bigger Philosophy

Josh McKelvey’s energy is unparalleled. His desire to help clients think bigger while providing strategies to help them build to scale and execute more is evident in everything he does and his “LET’S GO!” attitude inspires clients to focus on their vision daily. Josh says, “It’s all about the big picture, it’s all about developing strategy, and having a clear vision of where you want to be. We always tell our clients to keep focused on their vision and we will take care of all the small details to get them there.” 

It is this same energy that has allowed Josh to thrive in the industry early on in his career. While completing his degree in Advertising Communications from St. John’s University, Josh developed digital marketing tactics for one of the largest meat distributors in the MidWest. Soon after he developed an impressive portfolio of clients before joining forces with Nate and Mike to form army8. For Josh, the vision for army8 was simple: to make big agency strategies readily available to small business owners, “What gets me so excited is hearing about people’s big ideas and thinking of ways to make it a reality for them. Entrepreneurs often do not have the support they need, marketing wise, to turn their vision into reality and that’s where we want to come in.”

As the Chief Development Officer, Josh is responsible for adding new products, clients, processes, and more to aid army8 and it’s valued customers. He also introduces new trends to clients that help support their core message and overall digital strategy, “It’s such a fast paced industry and it’s important to stay on top of these trends at all times.”

Helping him do this is army8’s global network of vetted vendors, “Our large network is composed of the world’s best specialists and it’s their talent that help us know what’s new, what we should watch out for, and what we should avoid .This is especially important in the constantly changing world of digital.”

Speaking of army8’s global network, Josh’s current vision is to develop a platform that further supports these vendors, “The world of work today is definitely different from the way that it was five or ten years ago and in the same way that we desire for our clients to think bigger, we want our vendors to do the same with their own skills and talent. At army8, both are equally important and we can’t wait to share the ways we will empower them further so they too can build to scale and execute more.”