5 Challenges for Entrepreneurs and quick solutions

(And why you need a team to support you)

There are many articles and resources that tell you about the wonderful things that come with being an entrepreneur, however, what most of these articles don’t tell you is the fact that being an entrepreneur is not without challenges. army8 was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have experienced it all and who are quick to share the realities of running and growing your business.

The Rolodex Cycle. Every entrepreneur begins their journey using their own network or “rolodex” however one’s rolodex can easily be exhausted as well as the rolodex of the next star sales person you hire. Exhausted rolodexes lead to hitting a wall simply because rolodexes are not enough to scale your business.

You can’t do it all.  Entrepreneurs are known for doing it all at the beginning stages of their business. However, this no longer becomes possible once the business grows. In as much as the entrepreneur would like to be involved in everything from operations to marketing, doing so might hamper growth rather than support it.

Letting go isn’t easy.  Despite the reality mentioned above, most entrepreneurs find it hard to let go and understandably so, they single handedly turned their  vision into a reality but delegating tasks to people they trust is key to taking their business to greater heights. 

Routines can get you stuck.  Routine is great for getting things done on a daily basis but any entrepreneur would be the first to tell you that getting out of that routine is beneficial to growing the business and finding new opportunities. Finding the balance between ‘tending to the crops’ vs ‘ planting new seeds’ can be tricky because the days go by so fast. Your internal team can also get stuck in the same pattern and lose the creativity to think outside of the box. 

But as much as these challenges can be overwhelming, there are solutions that can help you transform these challenges into opportunities. It often begins by asking for help, whether by seeking the help of a trusted mentor or hiring a consultant for a specific area of your business. Once these experts are on your side, they can help bring you and your business to the next level.

Consultants give you expert advice for specific areas.  Smart entrepreneurs know that it’s not about knowing it all but hiring consultants who are well experienced in their fields. This not only saves you time but also gives you valuable advice  in specific industries that is otherwise not easily available, consultants often come in with years of experience, all of which are valuable in business growth. 

Expert consultants provide new perspectives, new trends, and help you to ultimately break through the proverbial wall. Consultants are always a step ahead when it comes to new trends, new perspectives, and new strategies that are beneficial to any entrepreneur who is wishing to scale their business. Consultants have resources that help you discover new opportunities for your company therefore allowing you to grow and scale.

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