Clubhouse review: Why this new app has gone viral?

Social media is the lifeline of most companies to their clients. The ability to connect with your audience personally can help a business rate its key performance indicators and dial into what people really want. One of the newest apps to join the social media greats is called Clubhouse, and believe us when we say that it has gone viral.

What is Clubhouse?

This free social networking app is audio-only, so no one has to deal with bad camera angles and looking up other people’s noses during a video chat. With Clubhouse, people are assigned to rooms where they can talk about a specific topic. The benefits of Clubhouse are significant: namely that people can respond off-the-cuff and the conversation can flow freely. You can learn a lot about someone or have a brilliant brainstorming session when everyone can freely and spontaneously speak their minds. The downside is that everyone is talking freely and, since it’s audio-only, there is no way to tell when someone else is about to speak.

Zoom calls are often lagging and annoying to some, but you can usually tell by a person’s facial expression or intake of breath when they’re about to start talking and avoid cutting them off. With Clubhouse, it is indeed every person for themselves, and the amount of crosstalk is significant.

How Does It Work?

Clubhouse works a bit differently than other social media apps because you need an invitation to join. The mystique of exclusivity is a powerful draw for businesses and customers alike. Currently, it is only available for iOS. In addition to the need for an invite, it can occasionally be a challenge to know who is speaking since you have to recognize their voice. There is definitely also a learning curve in not talking over other people.

Some of the popular rooms, or chats that lots of people attend, mainly consist of one or two people presenting on the topic at a time. Everyone else in the room mutes themselves so as not to provide any kind of distraction. It might sometimes feel more like listening to a podcast or an audiobook than participating in a conversation. Still, they usually open up the room to questions or other presenters when the initial presentation has finished. Moderators can speak freely at all times, but they can also call on people designated as audience members to speak. It is a very fluid conversational app that is gaining momentum for businesses all across the country.

What This New Platform Can Do For Your Business

Brainstorming can often be challenging when you can’t physically be face-to-face. Even then, some people might be intimidated to speak up about their ideas when they know that everyone will be looking at them. Clubhouse is an excellent way for companies to encourage employees to speak freely and participate in productive brainstorming sessions. There is no pressure to talk if you have nothing to contribute and no worry that people will give you a weird look if your idea falls flat. In fact, by the time someone realizes that their idea doesn’t fit, about five other people will be throwing out their ideas, and the conversation will continue.

Clubhouse may be the free form brainstorming avenue your business needs to generate your next big idea for new products, protocols, or implementation measures.  

It is also a great way to network, introduce thought leaders from your space, and create more awareness for your brand.

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