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Things They Don’t Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur

(And why you need a team to support you) There are many articles and resources that tell you about the wonderful things that come with being an entrepreneur, however, what most of these articles don’t tell you is the fact that being an entrepreneur is not without challenges. army8 was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who […]

Top 8 Marketing Tactics for Growing a B2B Business

Before you begin any marketing campaign you should first have a strategy and plan which will map out the specific tactics you will deploy with clear and measurable business goals attached to each. Make sure you have developed customer persona’s and your brand identity to craft your messaging, targeting and identify the best marketing channels. […]

8 skill sets you will need to grow your business

Nearly all high growth companies look a certain way- they have the right people, process and reporting capabilities that make it run like a well-oiled, unstoppable machine. Most are either venture-backed or well-funded due to the human resources required to setup all of the processes and internal communication to technically piece together all of the […]

Why your digital ads stopped working

I’ve talked to so many business owners over the years who attempt to apply financial processes to their marketing programs and they almost all fail at some point. Have you ever said “if you can prove to me my marketing is profitable, I will increase the budget to whatever you need” put another way “If […]

How Much Time and Resources Should I Devote to SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is sort of like studying for a test; there’s always more you can do to prepare, and you are never really sure you are done. There are three primary components to an SEO campaign: Technical – The way your site is developed can have an impact on how well Google indexes […]

Top KPI’s to Follow for your Growth Plan

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) should give you indications on how well your business is performing against a key business objective. Most businesses want to grow and will have a target growth rate such as 20% year over year and although sales and revenue are great KPI’s, there are many more you can use which will […]

Top 10 Social Media Mistakes

If you are like 99% of businesses out there who know they need to do something on social media but have no idea where to start. Here’s a quick guide on what NOT to do. I’ve made most, if not all of these mistakes in the past so don’t worry if you have already made […]