Grow Now

Think Bigger, Build to Scale, Execute More

Build & Execute Your Growth Plan Now

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Grow Now

Think Bigger, Build to Scale, Execute More.

Build & Execute Your Growth Plan Now

Think Bigger

Our strategists will help you discover:
• Your competitive advantage,
• unique selling proposition,
• what drives your customers to buy,
• how to reach them when they are most likely to buy.

Build to Scale

We will help you identify technology and process to accelerate your growth potential.
• CRM installation and adoption,
• Sales enablement,
• Custom application development,
• Marketing automation.

Execute More

Tap our Global network of vetted vendors to execute your growth plan at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team.
• Digital ad management,
• Website development,
• Content generation,
• PR & Influencer marketing.

Web Development & Creative

Web design with integrated CRM, marketing automation tools and workflow applications to scale your existing processes.

Digital Marketing

Our data analytics team works seamlessly with creative and brand specialists to deliver measurable results to your bottom line. We know how to hit the right people, at the right time with the right message.

Custom Application Design

Most of our projects have multiple purposes; customer satisfaction, SEO, SEM and CRM integration which can propel a company’s growth in both visibility and scalability. We offer custom Web or phone applications using most popular programming languages including: .NET, PHP, Java, VB, C# combined with open source database platforms such as Postgresql.

A look inside our methodology at army8

  • Strategy
  • We will analyze your current business model and develop a strategy specific to your industry, customer base and product offering. We will help you grow by scaling proven tactics using the latest technology and streamlined applications.
  • Process
  • High growth companies all have a process with specific business goals and measurable outcomes for each step. We will help you build an infrastructure capable of carrying your business to multiples of your current Revenue.
  • Execution
  • We measure success by the metrics we set during the strategy stages which will align with your growth goals. We can execute everything from web design and creative to ad placement, application development and data analytics.

Our Expertise

Whether you’re looking for a world-class website, to drive sales or leads, or integrate with a CRM to automate processes, at army8 we partner with the leading technologies on the web to help you grow.

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